The Photographer: Michael Jackobo

Michael ‘Jackobo’ Tzacostas

I have been actively engaged in photography, as a means of personal and artistic expression, since the summer of 2008.
At autumn of 2010 I attended the photography lessons at POFPA, where I began to discover and develop my own personal style of photography.
Ιn February of 2014 I graduated from the Photography department of the Public Institute of Vocational Training of Chaidari.

At present, I am looking for a job. Any offers are welcome!

For me photography is a way to face the world around me. Through the camera I can dissociate myself, but also deepen my perception of -and better understand- the space which I’m in. To a large extend, I endorse the view of Garry Winogrand “I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs”. This means that I am willing to explore every aspect of this Art form but my favourites are Street and people photography, landscapes and travel, architectural as well as abstract experimentation, especially Infrared photography.

Photography is, above all, a game with light. Every game must be fun, spontaneous and unpredictable.

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