​Morning Scene by the Pond

Morning Scene by the Pond, by Mike Jackobo

Morning scene by the pond, a landscape recorded in infrared. This is a photo I wanted to create since the day of “A Bench in front of the Pond”. When I received my full spectrum camera, I immediately went to make the first tests.

Although it is a pretty typical infrared photo (trees are an easy subject in infrared), I like it for a specific reason. These reasons have nothing to do with landscape or infrared photography. They originate from my experience in the studio and portrait photography!

I strongly believe that when a photographer has to work with only one light, he/she should put it on the back of the subject. The light can then be reflected to the front. The result created is far more interesting than that from a single front light; even a simple portrait can become quite dramatic.

Here is the reason I like this photo despite its otherwise lack of originality. Because it’s a proof that my opinion about lighting can work even in landscapes (with the restrictions of limited control over the light). Although shadows can be a problem in infrared, here they separate the different layers of the composition, adding depth to the photo.

This concludes my little rant about the morning scene by the pond and why backlighting is important. I hope some people will find it useful.

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