Tarot Reading (8 of Swords, Tower, Chariot)

Tarot Reading
Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading by Mike Jackobo

A three card Tarot reading with Eight of Swords, XVI – The Tower and VII – The Chariot. It isn’t the first time I use the Tarot in a photo but it is the first time the cards are the main focus and not a device in an overall composition. The reading is made up by me. What is the interpretation?

Eight of Wands expresses a feeling of being trapped and not being able to move to any direction. Yet, this feeling is false. There is nothing really holding the querant to the situation he feels trapped in. Despite the fact that the feeling is actually false, it is real for him/her and that prevents any further action.

XVI – The Tower. Many people consider this as a negative card. Due to the striking imagery of destruction and imminent death, many people are put off by the card. I disagree with this opinion. The Major Arcana of the Tarot tells a story. In order to find the interpretation of a card, we have to look at the surrounding cards. Arcanum XV is The Devil, while Arcanum XVII is the Star. The Tower sits in the middle so, I feel that it means the destruction of the power of the devil upon us and finding the balance between the mundane and the lofty. This leads to…

VII – The Chariot. The Hero is triumphant. The imagery of the card is full of both positive and negative symbols. Yet the charioteer is able to control these powers and move forward and towards his goals.

XV – The Devil: domination by material needs, including bodily urges

XVII – The Star: Balancing and mixing the material and the spiritual in a constructive way

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