Starry Night (Landscape under the Moonlight)

Starry Night (Landscape under the Moonlight)
Starry Night (Landscape under the Moonlight)

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Starry Night (Landscape under the Moonlight) by Mike Jackobo

A landscape photo I took with the starry night as the background. The only light in the scene comes from the almost full moon. It had just risen over the mountains to the back of the camera. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t my intention to make a photo like that; I wasn’t planning to make anything worthwhile that day.

I just went to the beach to enjoy the time between the civil and nautical twilight. I always carry my photography gear with me and they were resting in the trunk of the car. Sure enough, I did try to snap some photos of the light trails of a low flying aeroplane, but not anything worthy of a second look. As time went on though and the stars began appearing in the sky, I noticed the constellations above.

Of course, the constellation centre-right is Orion. The bright star to the left is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, as well as the rest of the Canis Major constellation. When I spotted them, I took out the tripod and framed this shot. The small cabin was a nice addition to the foreground, with the function of creating an extra layer in the composition. The moon had just risen above the mountains and it provided the light for the scene. I had to move the car and use the headlights in order to focus correctly on the cabin. This was the end result of the attempt. I also tried other angles but this photo gives more emphasis to the stars, which are actually the theme of the photo.

This is the photo I took during a starry night. I hope more will come in the near future.

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