Scene Below the Acropolis

Scene Below the Acropolis
Scene Below the Acropolis

See this photo at EyeEm.

Scene Below the Acropolis by Mike Jackobo

A scene below the Acropolis of Athens with two women talking. I don’t know what the subject of the conversation is. The pose of the woman standing though, makes her appear as if she is in despair. The pose of the woman and the fact that the background is the Acropolis, makes the photo seem like a scene from an ancient tragedy.

Of course, a photograph captures a moment in time, totally disconnected from any context. Therefore, what appears like a scene from a theatrical play could just be an overly dramatic description and not a display of despair. Nevertheless, imagination is more interesting than mundane reality. So, I prefer the apparent description of the ancient tragedy scene below the Acropolis.

There are not many things to say about street photography. The images speak for themselves and many words are just meaningless. In that regard, I have already said enough -or too much*.

* – a verse from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

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