Infrared Landscape with Moon

Infrared Landscape with Moon
Infrared Landscape with Moon

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Infrared Landscape with Moon by Mike Jackobo

The moon is hanging above a tree in this infrared landscape. Every photographer has elements or subjects he wants to use in a photo but is waiting for the perfect moment to realize its creation. Same with me; there are things I have seen but have not made a photo of. One of them was the moon shortly after the rising of the sun. More precisely, the waning moon a few days after the full moon. Another subject I like but never did in a way worthy of showing, are flat landscapes where only a few elements rise above the ground.

I used both aforementioned elements in this photo. The location is my parents’ birthplace. I had in my mind to make a photo of this empty space, with the tree as the only element in the composition, at night time. There is certainly something magical in illuminating a scene with the light of the moon. For some reason though, I never actually did it.

One morning, as I was on vacation there, I went out to see what I could make under the early morning sun. The road took me by this place and I stopped to see my subject-to-be. Everything was perfect for the photo. The moon above the tree, the light from the sun and even the lens I had with me. The Sigma 30mm framed the scene perfectly and all I had to do was to press the shutter. And if I add the fact that I could only do this photo from the spot I was standing; one could say that it was the work of fate.

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