The Calm after the Storm

The Calm after the Storm
The Calm after the Storm

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The Calm after the Storm, by Mike Jackobo.

A barren tree, the calm sea and low clouds, in a photograph that captures the calm after the storm. The location and the time I made this photo was the same as with the “Drowned Tree” photograph. The barren tamarix stood out from the rest of the trees on the marshland, both because of its location apart from the others but also because of its shape. It looks as if it is about to fall down. It definitely enhances the gloomy atmosphere of the scene.

At the same time though, there is no movement in the scene. The sea is completely calm, the low cloud appears still and everything seems peaceful. One can understand that this is the aftermath of an extreme situation. At this moment though, it all has passed. There is still a tense feeling but also a relief. I can only call it the calm after the storm.

Does it Look Like a Lake?

Friends who have seen the photo have commented that the area looks like a lake. On one hand, Amvrakikos Gulf is like a lake. There is a narrow passage which connects it to the rest of the Mediterranean. That’s why it is considered a very fragile ecosystem. The water in the gulf is not recycled very fast and any imbalance in the ecosystem has excessive consequences in the environment.

The impression of a lake scenery is also partly the work of the lens. In order to create a tight composition around the tree I had to use the lens in its most telephoto focal length. Telephoto lenses tend to eliminate any sense of depth in the photographs. Therefore, in this case, the hills on the background appear to be much closer than they are in reality. Hence the area appears smaller and it is no more the sea one is looking at but the closed space of a lake. Photography is magic!

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