Reaching for the Sun

Reaching for the Sun
Reaching for the Sun

See this photo at EyeEm.

Reaching for the Sun, by Mike Jackobo.

A tree is reaching for the sun as it grows above the ground. The way it twists makes it appear as it tries to avoid and at the same time grow towards the sun. The end result though is that it is reaching for the sun.

A Rant.

There are people who claim that art should always carry a message. If it doesn’t do that, it cannot be called art in any way. That notion only applies to post-modern art. They try to disguise their totally meaningless creations behind big concepts, in an attempt to make them have a reason for existence. Yes, art of any kind can be a medium to pass a message to the audience. It has always been used that way. Art can also try to exalt a person or circumstance. This is what the Baroque is all about. But even the great works of the Renaissance, were ordered by some wealthy patron. Their primary purpose was to satisfy the patron but the genious of the artists made them timeless masterpieces.

In the end of the day though, art and aesthetics walk closely together. A beautiful image can be art because it pleases the audience. I will admit that it may not have an impact on the viewer for more than just a few moments but it has served its purpose anyway. An example that comes to mind is folk art. These people didn’t think that they were creating something grandiose. They were just trying to make something beautiful for themselves. So, even if what they made had primarily a practical purpose, they unwillingly made it into a work of art.

Art is not about rules, technique or great messages. It is about a human trying to quench a fire that burns inside of him through a creation. That is the most important thing. The audience and everything else is of secondary importance.

Enough with the Rant.

Is this photo of the tree reaching for the sun a great work of art? I don’t know and to be honest, I don’t think so. But it is a photo I like and I feel it deserves to be in the Photoblog, just as it is. Without trying to find some meaning or message behind it.

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