Covered Walkway and the fort at Pente Pigadia

Covered Walkway by Mike Jackobo

A covered walkway in the side of a church at the region of Epirus, in Western Greece. It is dedicated to St Theodore and if I remember correctly, there is also a cemetery in the courtyard of the church. The only way to write something more than a basic description of the image is to include a couple more photos from that day. So, let’s take a small journey to the region of Epirus, in Western Greece.

Some History

On the road between the towns of Arta and Ioannina there is a small castle or more suitably, a Fort. This fort is near the village Pente Pigadia (Πέντε Πηγάδια). It was constructed in early 19th century to control the road between the two large towns. The Greek General Makrigiannis describes its location as “strong and necessary”. The fort has seen two battles. The first was actually a double battle during the Greek revolution, in the autumn of 1821. The Greek rebels used the castle to block the movement of Ottoman troops towards central Greece, where the revolution was in full force. The second battle was during the Balkan wars. At the battle of Pente Pigadia, the Greek Army attacked the Turkish positions and after 7 days of fighting, the Turks retreated. After that came the big push of the Greek army towards Ioannina.

The Church

It was this fort that I wanted to explore that day, not only because of its historic significance but also because of its unusual, cross shape. As I was approaching the village, I noticed the church (and the cemetery), right next to the road. As I was leaving the fort, I decided to check the church in more detail. It wasn’t anything extraordinary -a typical small church as many others in the region.

What drew my attention though was this covered walkway. It is pretty unusual as an architectural element in the region, especially for a small church in the middle of nowhere. The game of light and shadows was adding something in the scene; something that made me choose the photo of the covered walkway as a photo to present here, in the Photoblog.

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