Ready to Bloom

Opening Bud
Opening Bud

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Ready to Bloom by Michael Jackobo

Greetings to all, with the photo of a bud ready to bloom. After a really long time of inactivity I am finally uploading a photo to the photoblog. During the past few months my schedule has been turned of side down due to a change in workspace and while things are still fluid regarding my work hours, I hope that this is the beginning to regular posts and updates in the photoblog.

This is also the first actual photo presented in this new space in the web,  where I showcase my photos. The image of a flower ready to bloom is an appropriate symbol for this new beginning and I hope it will turn into a beautiful endeavor that will take my relationship with photography to a different level. I am in the process of setting up (trying to at least) another site to present my portfolio but as this is still in its infancy, it will be the subject of a future post.

A few words about the photo presented today. I have no idea of the name of the flower shown ready to bloom. I took the photo while testing a cheap macro extension tube set which allows autofocus, for my Sony α6000 and flowers were of course the easiest subject for the job. The really shallow depth of field created by extreme macro shots, makes the whole photo seem out of focus but as this is not the case and due to the symbolism of the flower ready to bloom, it takes its place as the first post in this new beginning.

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