Relief Sculpture by the Entrance

Relief Sculpture by the Entrance
Relief Sculpture by the Entrance

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Relief Sculpture by the Entrance by Michael Jackobo

Relief sculpture by the entrance to a house in Athens. I walk around the area I grew up in a lot as a means of having some time by myself outside the house while I listen to music or some audio book (like most of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice). Doing that for two years now, I have discovered many interesting things and places in an area I thought I knew well, having lived there all my life.

The architecture especially is very interesting and it would make a good project if it wasn’t for the property laws and the Civil Code in Greece, as well as the overly suspicious residents of the area! Still, there are many details that seem like found objects as they don’t have an apparent connection to the edifice which they adorn or the general appearance of the surrounding neighbourhood.

One such detail is this relief sculpture of the hugging couple in a style that appears like cubism. It is situated in a narrow road -an alley almost- and there is nothing on the door to allude to an atelier or any other art space in general. The pretty mundane door and the plant in the plastic barrel only help to increase the contrast between surrounding space and the relief sculpture by the entrance. A found object indeed.

Submitted to the Daily Post challenge “Facade”

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