Artifacts of Memories Lost – A Sunken Boat

Artifacts of Memories Lost
Artifacts of Memories Lost

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Artifacts of Memories Lost by Mike Jackobo

When I wonder around the places I visit for my photography, I come across small things for which it is obvious that no one remembers their story. All these things are man-made and they just seem to exist for some reason. The way they defy time make them seem like artifacts of memories lost.

Greece is a maritime nation and it has a long naval tradition. The sea is an important symbol of the country and many people rely on it to make ends meet.  Such a strong connection to the sea doesn’t only mean prosperity and happiness because many unpleasant situations also relate to it; from minor accidents that bring a short inconvenience to the biggest misfortune. Such an unpleasant situation must have been this sunken boat. Although it doesn’t seem like an old wreck, only half of it remains. Additionally, this doesn’t appear to be a place for anchoring boats. On the other hand, it is near the shore, at a closed bay so I don’t think the outcome was a tragedy. The location is right outside an old monastery, a thing that makes its sinking somewhat ironic*.

A find like this, as with all artifacts of memories lost, is something I have to record with my camera; the result being the photo I present today.

* If it was a monastery to St Nicolas, the protector of the men at sea, the situation would border to farce.

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