Landscape with a Church (Pachi – Megara)

Landscape with a Church
Landscape with a Church

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Landscape with a Church by Mike Jackobo

A landscape with a church; a photo of the plains around the town of Megara, with the church of St George in the foreground. The location of the church is on top of a hill, above the small seaside village of Pachi. Despite Pachi being a small village, it is of significant importance for modern Greek history. It was the location where the invading German forces sank the Greek destroyer Psara on April 20 1941. The day I chose to go there, without knowing it, there were also the events in commemoration of the attack against the Greek ship and the men who lost their lives there.

On my experience of the day, I knew that the church was located on top of a hill and that most probably there would be a gravel road leading up to it. Despite my experience and the confidence I have in my car, I was really surprised when I saw the road I had to drive on. The road isn’t used often and the slope looked steep which made me a bit anxious at first. When I saw that the grip of the car was good, I headed a lot more confident towards the top.

Being the only high place on a long distance, the view from the church is spectacular; even though that day the weather was particularly moody and the lack of sunlight made everything look dull. The landscape with a church is the first photo I present from my visit there.

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