Abandoned Train Tracks

Abandoned Train Tracks
Abandoned Train Tracks

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Abandoned Train Tracks by Mike Jackobo

An infrared photo of the abandoned train tracks and a boarding platform at Tritsis Park, in Athens. Very soon after the beginning of my journey in photography, I discovered the surrealism of Infrared Photography. After the initial experiments, it became my favourite medium of artistic expression and I tried to explore the whole range of its capabilities. Over the years, I made some very good photos using infrared film, but something was missing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do colour digital infrared, as I lacked a full spectrum camera that is needed for this task*. Lately, I began searching for a used camera to convert, until I found a Sony NEX 5. I had it converted by Isaak Szabo and once I received it, I began shooting away!

I took this photo at Tritsis Park or Antonis Tritsis Environmental Awareness Park, as is its full name. It was once part of the royal grounds and it had many acres of cultivated land, leased to farmers; the abandoned train tracks in the photo didn’t only serve the King but also the farmers that tended the fields. A place with so many trees for the background and such strong human marks, made an ideal setting for my infrared experiments. I wanted to make this photo since the infrared trichrome attempts but then it was too early in the year to have a satisfying result. At this time though, the natural backdrop was perfect to create the photo I had envisioned.

This is the story behind my new camera and the photo I present today; I will describe the method I used to process the image in another photo in the near future.

* – I had tried colour infrared with digital cameras in the past but the results were a bit hit or miss.

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