Endless Blue Expanse (Seascape with Greek Flag)

Endless Blue Expanse
Endless Blue Expanse

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The Endless Blue Expanse by Mike Jackobo

A seascape with a Greek flag from the top of a hill which overlooks the endless blue expanse. This is a photo which I took by the church of St George at Pachi. It is customary to have a national flag outside of churches in Greece, along with a byzantine one (or byzantine-inspired in most cases).

I don’t have nationalistic ideas and ideals. Although I reckon that a flag is a strong symbol, I avoid making it the main subject of my photos; I will only include it if it helps the overall composition. This time I made an exception because of the bad shape the flag is in; I also wanted to capture the endless blue expanse as I was viewing it from the top of the hill.

A thing that strikes me as odd in this photo, is how bad the weather looks. There were clouds for sure but not nearly as many as to say it was overcast and I don’t remember any wind blowing. Nevertheless, the seeming bad weather gives a menacing tone to the photo which I actually like.

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