Reflected (Minimal Seascape)


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Reflected by Mike Jackobo

Two wooden sticks rise above the water and are reflected on the surface of the sea, at Mesolonghi Lagoon. This is one of my favourite photos from my visit to Mesolonghi. Everything was setup for a perfect photo. The totally still waters reflected perfectly the wooden sticks, creating a perfect subject. The landscape was almost empty, which made sure that there would be no distractions in the background. All I had to do was to pay attention in the small details of the composition and hit the shutter.

For the composition I decided to use the sticks in order to cut the frame in two. The subject fills the right half, while the left half is virtually empty.  The right half is usually the strongest part of the frame. This way I eliminate any distractions from the subject and I can force the viewer to concentrate on what I want to present in the photo. What if the subject is on the left side, which is the weak half? The same principle applies in that case as well. The most important thing in visual arts is to draw focus on the subject of the artwork. Any other secondary elements that may be important for the message of the artwork, can be placed in respect to the main subject.

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