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Underbridge by Mike Jackobo

Underbridge can mean two things. Either a bridge that allows traffic to pass beneath it or the space underneath a bridge. Here I use the second term for the title of the photo, as I made the shot from a lower level than the deck of the bridge. The only problem was that I had to hold the camera beneath the place I was standing, above a body of water. The position was somewhat uncomfortable and I felt I could drop the camera at any moment. Luckily, the increased anxiety was paid off by a great photo.

This is another case of a shot I had in mind for quite some time. A couple of years ago I made a similar photo from the other side of the bridge. That one was a long exposure simulation but, although a very nice image, it fell short on the technical details. In the end, I only posted it to my old Instagram account.

I feel that this image is much more powerful than the previous one, which had a lot more open space. The base of the composition are the leading lines from the bridge on the left and the road to the right. They guide the eye to the back of the scene and then they lead it back on the wooden underbridge. This back and forth game makes the photo powerful as it captures the attention of the viewer.

Since the strength of the photo is its composition, I initially thought I would make it into black and white. The strong blue cast and the interplay between warm and cool tones increases the surreal feeling created by the infrared light. So, I decided to present the underbridge as a colour photograph.

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