A Bell Above the Horizon

A Bell Above the Horizon
A Bell Above the Horizon

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A Bell Above the Horizon by Mike Jackobo

Black and white landscape with a bell hanging above the horizon. I made the photo inside the castle of Acrocorinth; Penteskoufi hill dominates the background. Inside the castle, there is a small church dedicated to Agios Dimitrios. The church doesn’t have a belfry and instead the bell is hanging from a beam coming out from the wall.

I find bells to be very strong subjects. The reason for that may be their religious association -without referring specifically to religion. In this case, the image of the bell hanging above the horizon caught my eye. In regards to the composition I had the option to include the beam which is supporting it and even maybe some part of the wall. I opted for this arrangement though, which makes the bell appear as if it is suspended in mid-air above the horizon.

The overall composition, with the horizon line in the middle of the frame, brings to my mind the traditional Japanese style in imagery (either painting or photography). While I like their approach regarding visual arts, this is one of the few things that I find annoying! The reason is that in most cases, I consider the horizon in the middle as a sign of careless composition; something especially true in seascapes. Nevertheless, I feel that the photo is very good and I have to present it in the photoblog.

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