Collapsed Dome (Ascend to the Heavens)

Collapsed Dome
Collapsed Dome

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A Collapsed Dome by Mike Jackobo

A collapsed dome in the ruins of a mosque in Acrocorinth. Photographers, as many other artists, are rarely satisfied with their creations. This is the case with me now; I would have preferred to have the whole dome in the frame. I wasn’t able to accomplish that, so I opted for the second best option, which was the photo I present today.

The castle of Acrocorinth has a history that goes back to antiquity. A place with such a long history of continuous and active use, is sure to have remnants from every nation and civilization that stayed in its walls. Greece was occupied by the Ottoman empire for almost 400 years. The Ottomans left their mark everywhere in the land and these marks are an important part of our post-medieval history. In this regard, it is only natural to find a mosque in the castle. It is in poor condition though, and the thing that makes it apparent is the half collapsed dome on top.

When I examine the image under the lens of symbolism, then it becomes a bit intriguing. A dome symbolizes the sky. In this photo though, the hole on the dome makes the actual sky visible. It looks like a reminder that the real purpose of the religious experience is much higher than the imposed restrictions of organized religion.

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