A Dark Clad Figure Upon the Castle Wall

A Dark Clad Figure Upon the Castle Wall
A Dark Clad Figure Upon the Castle Wall

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A Dark Clad Figure Upon the Castle Wall by Mike Jackobo

Who is this dark clad figure upon the castle wall? Is he the lord of the castle or a mere guard? His stance seems stout and confident. He appears to be prepared for every situation that may arise. He also appears to be waiting for a long time. Standing in the scorching heat, wearing dark clothes, definitely shows a high level of commitment.

Who is the enemy for whom he is waiting so diligently? Is he a person of great power? Maybe our man is the strong one and he is now showing his power. What were the events of the past that led him to wait like that upon the wall?

But the castle walls are are in bad shape. How can he repel any challenge that may come his way? Maybe, other preoccupations made him neglect the fortifications. Or maybe, he has devised another plan which makes the wall useless.

A fraction of a second can create questions but cannot provide answers. Of course, one could claim that the person in the photo is a friend of the photographer and all this is just a work of fiction. It could be an option but that would be too mundane.

The location of the photo is Acrocorinth.

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