You’re Doing it Wrong

You're Doing it Wrong
You’re Doing it Wrong
You’re Doing it Wrong by Mike Jackobo

“What do you mean ‘I am doing it wrong’?”. This is a photo I’ve made for a twitter event in celebration of the international release of “Miss Unlimited” by Passcode. This is the second time I mention the group Passcode in the Photoblog; the first being the photo titled オレンジ.

Passcode is an Alternative Idol group. Idol groups are japanese girl bands playing pop or poppy rock. Alternative Idols are girl bands like normal Idols but their music is based on Heavy metal and other styles of extreme or Avant Garde music. The result is something extremely interesting as it is an approach to music that for us westerners is familiar but it somehow sounds different. One of the best places to explore the world of Alternative Idol is the Homicidols blog.

Passcode in particular is one of the best groups of this genre. The basis of their sound is Electronic music combined with heavy -almost hardcore- music. On first listen the songs sound crazy because they constantly change rhythm and style of music; yet, the result doesn’t sound forced. What’s more, one of the girls is doing Black Metal growls! It wasn’t something easy for me to understand in the beginning -I only felt that I liked it. Their music little by little grew on me and now they are one of my three favorite groups; the others being Babymetal and Necronomidol. Miss Unlimited is their first single in a major label and also the first to be released internationally in digital form.

A few words about the photo I made for the Twitter event. The original idea was to have myself screaming in the background (for obvious reasons). The text on the CD wouldn’t be readable though and I also had to change the lighting setup. So I changed the plan to that which I present in the photo. Having my hand visible as it places the needle of the turntable on the CD. In the end, I like this approach more because it focuses on the subject, which is the CD by itself.

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