A Slice of Light II

A Slice of Light II
A Slice of Light II

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A Slice of Light II by Mike Jackobo

The light of a lamp post creates a slice of light on an empty, dark field. I like going for early morning walks near the place I live. Often times it is so early that it is still dark when I go out, especially in winter that the days are short. The world before dawn is quiet and mysterious. Details that can be overlooked during daytime are sticking out under the street lights; of course, there are also things lost in darkness.

This is an empty field in an densely populated area. The lights all around make it seem pitch black, except for this lamp post towards the back. The light from the post creates a slice of light amidst the darkness of the field. Naturally, it made me curious on how it would appear photographed, so one day I took the camera with me to make the photo. At first I wanted to make it into a colour infrared image. This technique requires excessive colour shifts -which I don’t like. So, I followed my second option, which was to turn it into black and white. Although the false colours of infrared were impressive, the extreme contrast between light and darkness in black and white, also makes for a powerful image.

The photo also has a symbolic level, on how we find small slices of light while searching our way in darkness. Symbolism is a subjective thing though, so I don’t want to get too much into it.

Here is a link to my first photo titled “A Slice of Light”

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