Train Wagon

Train Wagon
Train Wagon

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Train Wagon by Mike Jackobo

An old train wagon on parked at the old and abandoned railway station of Corinth. This is the second time I had been to Corinth and the old railway station. The first time, about four years ago, I didn’t leave with the best impression. Neglect is the word I can use to describe the condition of the place. Trains left to rot, many of them vandalised, the infrastructure of the station falling apart and people living in the wagons. Whether they were homeless or junkies I don’t know and I didn’t check either; one has to be careful when carrying two cameras with him.

This time things were different. The area was clean, very few wagons were parked, and I couldn’t detect any suspicious human presence. So, I felt more free to explore the place and try to make some good photos. I have already posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter but I decided to present this one here on the Photoblog.

I like how the train wagon dominates the frame but there is also depth in the composition. It is a nice photo and a good excuse to write an intro about my visit to Corinth.

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