Exploring the Land (A Man over an Olive Field)

Exploring the Land
Exploring the Land

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Exploring the Land by Mike Jackobo

A man is standing above an olive field while exploring the land. The location of the photo is the village Agios Thomas, near Oinofita. There is a path leading from the church of Panagia Liataniotissa to a cave whose roof has collapsed. It was on this path that I took the photo.

I envy the people who have taken landscape photos with the dominant element being rows of crops or trees. I still haven’t found a similar landscape, so this is a kind of photo I haven’t taken myself. This olive field was the closest thing I have encountered during my explorations and I couldn’t let the opportunity go wasted. My friend with his red t-shirt is providing a nice contrast with the dominant green of the vegetation. It was a moment I just had to capture.

In the end I cropped the photo to a panoramic aspect ratio in order to isolate the part of the frame I wanted to present. This is the final result of the photo I took while exploring the land.

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