Taking a Break

Taking a Break
Taking a Break

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Taking a Break by Mike Jackobo

A man selling balloons is taking a break from work and checking his cellphone. I took the photo by the main pond of the National Garden of Athens. It has been a long time since I have done street photography. The majority of the people photos I have taken lately is of friends while we are hanging out together. So, this was a welcome change in my photography subjects.

The image looks like an infrared photo. I took it using the full frame camera but without a filter in front of the lens. It was a test to check the results of the camera as a black and white only device. In order to make a thorough test I would have to use both my digital in comparison to a film camera to see how I would get the best result. This is a test that I will perform in the future. For now I will just be posting the photos I make without bothering about technical details.

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