The Departed

The Departed
The Departed

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The Departed by Mike Jackobo

A man is walking in front of the facade of a museum, which hosts an art exhibition under the title “The Departed”. The movement of the man towards the edge of the frame, enhances the meaning of the title of the exhibition.

There is a somewhat funny tale behind the photo. We were walking with a friend, when I saw the facade of the building with the title of the exhibition. I told him to walk from right to left, in order to capture him in front of the door. After I finished describing the logic behind what I wanted to make, this man made the exact movement I wanted my friend to make. It may have been pure luck. There is also the possibility though, that he heard the instructions I was giving to my friend and he followed them on his own will. Either way, I feel I have to thank him for making this photo possible.

As it can be seen in the photo, the building is the Frissiras Museum. The event was a tribute exhibition to painters who are no longer alive. The works belonged to the collection of the museum. Sadly, although the duration of the exhibition was rather big, I couldn’t attend. (another reason I have to find another job)

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