Photographer Shooting from Inside the Bunker

Photographer Shooting from Inside the Bunker
Photographer Shooting from Inside the Bunker

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Photographer Shooting from Inside the Bunker by Mike Jackobo

A photographer shooting from the gun holes of a World War II bunker. It is funny how we call the act of taking a photograph “Shooting”. It has created some clever plays with words and I have taken advantage of it in order to create this photo.

I had presented a photo of this bunker a while ago. We were looking for ways to use the machine gun holes as if the cameras were the guns. All the outdoor attempts were not satisfying. The reason for that was because the difference in light levels between the outside walls and the interior was to big to get a meaningful shot 😉 . This indoor photo was successful because it shows both the photographer and the act of shooting through the hole.

The thing I like about the composition though is the inclusion of the door to the right of the frame. I didn’t want to have a large section of the wall in the photo because it would be meaningless. The door allowed me to have a strong element in the other side of the frame to balance the composition. In a sense, it is like combining two pictures in one frame, a thing that I find fascinating.

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