The Road to the Top

The Road to the Top
The Road to the Top

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The Road to the Top by Mike Jackobo

A photographer is taking a photo of the road to the top of a mountain. I had no idea that such a place existed in Greece; let alone to the other side of the mountains surrounding Athens. We were leaving the village of Agios Thomas which is near Oinofita. We decided to go follow the road through the mountains, instead of the freeway to Athens. Taking a left turn I came in front of this straight road leading to the mountains. It was like the scenery of a movie coming alive in front of me. I stopped after a warehouse, which spoiled the shot and came out to take advantage of the opportunity.

While taking photos of the road and the surrounding area, I noticed my friend standing in the middle of the road. I stepped behind him and made this photo. A human is, in most cases, the strongest element in a photo. My friend was wearing a red t-shirt which made him stand out even more, to the extend that made the rest of the frame irrelevant. To counter this, I decided to turn the photo to black and white. I feel it works better this way because it takes away the distraction of the strong red colour and it leaves only the elements that really matter in the frame.

Submitted in The Daily Post challenge: The Road Taken


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