Seaside Walk

Seaside Walk
Seaside Walk

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Seaside Walk by Mike Jackobo

A seaside walk by two women on the afternoon of a sunny day. I took the photo on hte thin strip of land that connects Messolonghi and Tourlida, in western Greece. In the morning and on hte afternoon, many people from Messolonghi take a walk though this road. I decided to try and make some photos featuring some of the people strolling on the road. Of course, as is often the case in street photography, most of the photos were not interesting at all.

I was preparing to take a photo of the two cyclists on the background and these two girls were walking towards me. I took a couple of photos of them to test how the shot I wanted to make would be like; one of those test shots is the photo I present today. The position of the women dominate the frame and they also break any sense of symmetry which makes a more dynamic picture. It also follows the principle of the decisive moment because a second later, this photo would not be possible. As for the shot with the cyclists that I was preparing for, they stopped long before they got to the point I wanted them to and they waited for me to clear the road! So, this photo of the women on their seaside walk is the one I chose for the Photoblog.

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