Street Photography Symmetry

Street Photography Symmetry
Street Photography Symmetry

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Street Photography Symmetry by Mike Jackobo

Somehow, I must find a sentence in which the phrase “Street Photography Symmetry” makes sense. Nevermind, already did it. Now, let’s get an with the rest of the article. It will a small one but anything will do. Really, there are not many things to write for this picture. Also, I am not in a mood for writing. Enough fooling around, let’s get to business.

I took this photo at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, in Athens. It is a new construction and its main purpose is to be the new location of the National Library and the National Opera House. There is also a park over the National Library and a canal in front of the main entrance to the buildings. Due to the modern nature of the construction, there are a lot of symmetrical patterns in the design. It was these patterns that I used to make this photo.

These trees were put on even spaces to each other. There are also these stairs which connect the upper level, which leads to the entrance of hte building complex, to the canal banks. There were not too many people walking around the area. As this man was walking I prepared to take a photo when he would reach the centre of hte stairs. I thought that it would be a simple photo but just at the right moment he turned to look back. The result was this photo where the symmetry dominates the frame and the man breaking the pattern with his stance.

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