Solitary Tree in Infrared and Bench

Solitary Tree in Infrared and BenchSolitary Tree in Infrared and Bench

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Solitary Tree in Infrared and Bench by Mike Jackobo

A bench below a solitary tree in infrared. This is the last photo from my visit in Acrocorinth. So far I have posted eleven photos from this visit, including the ones from the town of Corinth; plus a few more on Instagram. Out of these eleven photos, five were infrared photos. So, I am putting my favorite toy (my full spectrum camera) to good use but it doesn’t restrain my creativity to just one style of photography. Given the fact that it also doubles as a black and white only camera, it certainly opens more options in trying to express myself through photography.

I am ranting about such things because I don’t actually have more to say about this photo. The white trees is what draws most people to infrared. On the other hand, solitary trees is a standard subject in photography. So, a solitary tree in infrared was a chance I couldn’t let slip by. The bench, although small, adds a different dimention ot the photo. Someone better with words could easily make up a story from this small detail. Anyway, this is a photoblog so the photos are important than words.

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