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Bulldozer by Mike Jackobo

A bulldozer covered in mud is parked after the work is done. This photo can fall into the Found Object genre. The location is on the boundary between the sea and a lagoon. This boundary is a small marshland and a road that crosses a strip of land. All these features were made by the river Arachthos, as it used to flow into the sea. The delta of the river has been diverted to another area but it has carved the landscape permanently.  This is not the location where one expects to find a bulldozer and for this reason, it can be a found object.

This is half of the story though. The marshland is a small, natural fishing boat harbour. When I arrived, I saw that everything was covered in mud and there were huge piles of mud along the road. I asked a local who was there what happened and he told me that they made the canals to enter the marshland deeper, hence all the mud. Given that explanation, it makes sense to have a bulldozer and all this mud in a marshland.

In order to make this photo, I decided to position the horizon low in the frame. This meant that I had to shoot from a low angle as well. By doing this, I could fill a larger part of the frame with the shovel of the bulldozer and give more depth in the image but also, I could have more of the impressive sky as well. This is the end result of this process.

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