A Road through the Mountains (A colour infrared photo taken at Epirus)

A Road through the Mountains
A Road through the Mountains

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A Road through the Mountains by Mike Jackobo

A colour infrared photo of a road through the mountains at Epirus, in western Greece. I was driving on this road in order to get to one of the unknown -and impressive- archaeological sites in Epirus, the ancient settlement of Orraon. This is a new road linking the villages in the area. The old one was on the path of the new motorway crossing the whole of western Greece.

By a miscalculation on my part, I didn’t take the motorway to my destination. I kept driving, a bit disappointed at me until I came to this straight portion of the road with the mountains all around. It was a beautiful view, so I pulled to the side and went out with my cameras. The infrared photo was the one I picked because it outlined the mountains better against the sky, thus resulting in a much more impressive photo.

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