A Hut by the Lagoon (Digital Colour Infrared)

A Hut by the Lagoon
A Hut by the Lagoon

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A Hut by the Lagoon by Mike Jackobo

An infrared photo depicting a hut by the lagoon, at the old delta of Arachthos river. The first time I went to the old delta of Arachthos was in 2011. Since that first time, I keep taking photos of this hut. The only thing that changed all this time is the number of chairs outside; initially, there were four but now there is only one. Of course, there is a problem with having the same subjects in my photos and that is repetitive images. That’s why some times I just refused to take a shot of this hut, as well as other things I encounter often.

This time I made an exception because this is an infrared photo. I think that I only made a Black and White IR photo using film in the past. So, the temptation to have a colour infrared was too great to refuse. The weather also favoured this technique so I went for it. The result didn’t disappoint me!

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