Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks
Concrete Blocks

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Concrete Blocks by Mike Jackobo

Concrete blocks used for the creation of a breakwater are arrayed on land, ready to be laid out where necessary. The time of the capture is late afternoon. The sun was so low on the horizon, that it only manages to light the very top of the blocks. Yet, the shape and all the jagged edges are nicely outlined in the shadow -which is not too dark to ruin the shot. The camera also helped in that regard. The Sony a6000 rocks!

The thing that drew my attention was not just the shape but also the way the concrete blocks were arrayed. A small distance away from the point where I took the photo, there was the mould for the construction of the blocks. Obviously, the work wasn’t finished, so the ones completed were just placed there. In a way, I was lucky to be there at that day and time. That is because it was the perfect opportunity to make this photo.

People who have seen the photo complained about the red chimney at the back. I don’t have a problem with it because I feel that it adds another layer between the concrete blocks and the mountains in the background.

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