Bloody Night (A Stream of Red)

Bloody Night
Bloody Night
Bloody Night by Mike Jackobo

The early dawn paints the clouds to the colour of blood while the crescent moon hangs above the stream of red. A description for a bloody night. I could as well stop the text here. There are not many more things to write but I will try to add something.

The actual colours of the morning light were not like that. In reality it was much brighter and the sky was actually blue. The problem with the original lighting was that the clouds were not so prominent. Therefore, I decided to darken the sky and make the clouds more red. This process naturally made the moon brighter in comparison to the background, which I like.

The stream of red that runs through the photo made me think of a stream of blood. So, instead of describing the time the photo was taken, I went for feeling I got from the image. Hence the title “Bloody Night”.

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