Logarou Lagoon

Logarou Lagoon
Tree by the Lagoon

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Logarou Lagoon by Mike Jackobo

A tree at Logarou Lagoon, in northern Amvrakikos Gulf. This photo serves as an intro to the next two photos I will present, taken at the same location. The main subjects for both photos are visible on this one. One is about the fishermen and the other about the flamingo on the left of the frame.

I already mentioned Logarou Lagoon. Two of the main rivers of Epirus, Louros and Arachthos, flow into northern Amvrakikos Gulf. The water from those rivers creates a lot of lagoons and marshlands in the area, one of which is Logarou. Of course, the biodiversity of the area is big. The whole of Amvrakikos Gulf is a National Park, protected in various degrees by several environmental treaties. I intend to write more things about the fauna of the area in the photos to follow.

I have quite a lot of photos made in this region and I still haven’t explored it much. Therefore, I still have many places to find and much work to do there.


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