Afternoon at Amvrakikos Gulf

Afternoon at Amvrakikos Gulf
Afternoon at Amvrakikos Gulf

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Afternoon at Amvrakikos Gulf by Mike Jackobo

A fishing boat floats in the beaches of Amfilochia, to the south of Amvrakikos Gulf, during the afternoon hours of Spring. This is not the first time I use this boat as a subject; it is always in that spot. And it just so happens that the particular spot has a clear view of the sea, out of the small gulf in which the town is located.

Earlier in the day, it had rained a lot, hence the clouds in the sky. They are actually the ones that make this photo “work”. Otherwise, the photo would have been just a dull, pedestrian image that I have made a thousand times in the past; and not just me. Clouds though have a way to give an extra dimension to a photograph, just with their presence.

A technical aspect of the photo that I find interesting is the camera. I used the full spectrum camera because I usually take it with me when I just walk around a place. It is cheaper and smaller than my other cameras, so if anything happens, the damage will be less. I never use it though for colour photography because the colours are all wrong and dull due to the conversion. The leaves on the trees especially come out brown instead of green. In this image, the colours are almost correct, except for the trees to the right but even that gives a golden hour feel to the photo which normally wouldn’t exist.

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