Mountainous Landscape

Mountainous Landscape
Mountainous Landscape

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Mountainous Landscape by Mike Jackobo

The morning sun intensifies the haze that covers the mountains and outlines their shape, in this mountainous landscape. The foreground is a marshland that fills with water in winter, hence the empty area to the right. This empty area though is what gives an extra layer to the composition. It makes the foreground interesting and not some boring grassy space.

I wanted to make a photo of the shape of the mountains outlined by the haze but I had never encountered the right conditions. Usually, the haze was so strong that the mountains disappeared completely. This morning though, everything was perfect for this shot. Snapping a shot and making a photo though, are completely different things. If I wanted to make a photo I had to find an interesting composition for the final image. This grassless strip in the marshland was something that could easily stand out in the picture. It also wouldn’t hide the main subject -the background.

The conversion of the photo to black and white allowed me to bring out more details from the shape of the mountains. I also cropped the image to this unusual aspect ration in order to keep the most important elements of the composition and get rid of a huge chunk of just white sky.

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