Entering the Shadow

Entering the Shadow
Entering the Shadow

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Entering the Shadow, by Mike Jackobo.

A mother and her son, I suppose, are leaving the light and are entering the shadow of a tree. I feel that I can make this photo a repeat of previous articles. Articles that are not necessarily related to the subject of the photo but ones that I can stretch to create a relative narrative. I already began with one. This is a title I used on the past. That time it was Enter the Shadow and it was one of my esoteric articles. I can definitely repeat a similar story here but I won’t. Despite the title I cannot create a similar text for this image.

At the same time, I can repeat what I wrote for Yucca in Infrared and An Arch towards the Sun. I made all three photos on the same day and at the same place. I don’t feel like repeating myself though. There is a huge difference in this photo. In the previous images the subject was the tree by itself. There was nothing else to draw attention away it. In this photo the tree serves as the background. That is despite the fact that it covers most of the frame.

The subject are the people in the photo. I made the photo like that because I had about one second to make it. As I was climbing a few steps up, I suddenly saw this mother and son walking at my direction. I immediately raised the camera and snapped the photo. The people appeared as black silhouettes so I had to lighten them up a bit. Street photography doesn’t need many words. So, I will finish this article here; hope you like the photo!


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