A Fisherman at the Marshland

A Fisherman at the Marshland

A Fisherman at the Marshland
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A Fisherman at the Marshland, by Mike Jackobo

An old fisherman at the marshland has just taken his boat for the day’s catch. I have written about the fishermen of northern Amvrakikos Gulf on a previous article (Click on this sentence for this article). Therefore there is no need to write something about the practice of fishing in those marshlands. Instead, I will write about how I came up with the specific photographs.

I made this photo the same as the Wintry Reflection one. As I was walking on a dirt road that crosses the marshland. I came upon the boat as it is seen on the second image. I didn’t think that there was anything there, until I walked by the boat. The reeds seem to be a really good way to hide things. I did a snap and as I was looking for a good angle to make another photo, someone behind me asked to step aside. I mean, WTF, I am in the middle of nowhere and I am blocking the road to someone?

It turns out it was the fisherman. Of course I was blocking the way to his boat. This meant that the photo would change from a simple image of an object to a street photo. I waited for him to get out of his makeshift dock and then I began taking photos. I picked this one because the subject fills a large portion of the frame but also because I like the vignetting of the lens. It seems as it is creating a frame around the subject. I don’t like the reeds in front of the boat but this a minor detail. The important thing for me is the fact that I managed to make an anthropocentric photo where there was no human.



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