Swamp by Mike Jackobo

A photograph taken at a swamp one overcast day. There is nothing to this photo to actually write about. In fact, my initial decision was to just upload the photo to Twitter and Instagram. There, I only post nice images that have nothing more to say about. The more I was looking at this photo though, the more it grew on me and in the end I decided to include it here. With that said, let’s see if I will be able to write something out of nothing.

The weather the previous days ranged from rain to storm. That was the first day that one could go out without getting all wet, so I grabbed the chance. Near the location I was staying there is a beach and before it, a swamp(1). The beach is of course a good option if you just want to get out of the house and go to a quiet place. As I was driving back home, I noticed this scene and I decided to try and make something out of it.

The Photo

I can’t really say what drew me to the scene. First of all, there is a lot of water. This place is usually dry but I mentioned earlier, the previous days were very wet. So it drew my attention. Another element is the contrast between the bright green of the reeds and the dominant grey in the sky. The lack of sunlight makes all the colours dull. Despite that, the reeds in the swamp have a very pleasing hue. Finally, a third element is the triangle that the elements of the composition form.

All in all, It felt like a personal challenge to make something good out of what I had in front of me. Despite the lack of any definite subject, the photo ended up in the photoblog.


(1) – Technically it is a salt marsh but this spot is just outside the marshland. This isn’t sea water but rain water.

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