Salt Marsh

Salt Marsh
Salt Marsh

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Salt Marsh by Mike Jackobo

An infrared photo in an area where sea water floods a salt marsh. This is a rare site for someone who is not a permanent resident of the area. During summer, due to recreational activities at the beach, canteen owners cover the water-way with sand*. In winter though, there are no visitors and sometimes the beach is unreachable. At that time, the sea finds its way to connect to the salt marsh and begin the work of nature.

I visited this place during late winter/early spring in the past, but I wasn’t satisfied with the photos I made then. This time I was able to find a better spot to capture this “river” of sorts. The use of infrared enhances the impression created by the scene. It helps portray the scene in a way that is not just plain, documentary photography. Instead, it gives a more artistic feel.

* This marshland is part of the Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park. Modern Greek culture…

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