Fishing net floats are left by the sea. This is a photo I made at the area of north Amvrakikos Gulf. In this area there is a small fishing harbour at the end of a marshland.

As I see the photo, this fishing net has to be tangled beyond repair. That has to be the reason it is left there, as if they threw it away. Usually, fishermen untangle their nets after each working day. It is their most valuable tool, therefore they will do anything to maintain them and continue doing their work. Only if they decided it wouldn’t untangle without cutting into many pieces they would throw it away.

For me that was a fortunate thing because it gave me the subject for today’s photograph. The biggest challenge in these types of shots is to make an interesting image. Making a photo of the floats straight from above would not be very interesting. In fact, it would be what someone who is not a photographer would do in that situation. Going low was the best option. Oftentimes, it is a classic approach to many subjects and it is something someone learns to appreciate with time. So, I thought that the best result would come by including the marshland in the background. It adds more layers to the composition and it makes a more interesting photo.

To sum up, I will admit that this is a very simple photo. However, as I was reviewing the images, to make the final selection for the photoblog, I kept stopping by this one. A visually strong image is good enough to present here.


I had another photo in the old photoblog with floats as its subject

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