A stork is standing on an electrical pole with the blue sky serving as the background. I have made this photo at the village of Neochori, near the town of Arta, in Western Greece.

Usually swallows are considered as the harbingers of Spring. This is fine and good but the most impressive bird associated with Summer and Spring in the northern hemisphere are storks. They are huge and their nests are enormous. Because everything about them is big, they act as focal point in a large area around their nests.

As I wrote earlier, I made this photo at the village of Neochori. As one exits the village to the south west, there is a stork nest on top of a single electrical pole. That day, I was returning from a nearby marshland, I decided to stop and check if I could make a good image of this nest. Suddenly I realized that this stork was standing on another pole to the other side of the street.

At that time I only had an old manual focus telephoto lens. Its small aperture meant that critical focus was difficult but I tried my best. This was the image I came up with using what I had. In technical terms, there is no comparison to the result from a modern lens but stll, I think it is pretty good. Aesthetically, I like the stance of the stork. Although it is standing still, it appears ready to take to the air at any time.

This is my first stork image I will present here. Next image will also be one of these magnificent birds.

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