Black-Faced Sheep

Black-Faced Sheep by Mike Jackobo

black-faced sheep
Black-Faced Sheep
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A flock of sheep is standing on a field. One black-faced sheep in particular is looking directly at the camera. This is a pastoral scene. But, when you are in the countryside, it is only appropriate to make such photos. This is the reason, more or less, to go to the countryside in the first place. To get out of the city and see things that can only be seen in rural areas.

Anyway, to the photo. I made it a few years ago on the place where my parents were born. I was driving through the fields and at some point I saw this flock of sheep. Naturally, I stopped the car to see if there was any photo opportunity.

At first, I thought of cropping the photo because of the sheep that has its back turned to the camera. To be honest, I don’t know if this is a secret message to me, interrupting their routine. Anyway, I thought that it didn’t look good. As I was preparing to upload the photo, though, I decided to leave it as it is.

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