Little Egret Flying

Egret Flying by Mike Jackobo

A photograph of a little egret (Egretta Garzetta) flying. The cloudy sky serves as the background of the photo. Usually, the photos I present in the photoblog are photos that are not only good but also have a story to tell. All the rest I keep for Twitter and my second Instagram account.

If I really like a photo and I want to include it in the photoblog, oftentimes I can inflate the story to achieve that goal. This photo is the absolute exception. It is what it is; just a bird flying! There is no great story of how I made it. No description of the different elements of the shot. No deeper meaning.

I could write about how persistence wins in the end, as I have been trying to make a photo like this for 8 years now! The problem is that birds tend to fly away from a person. If they don’t, they keep a big distance. So, a big telephoto lens is imperative. And it was such a lens which allowed me to take the shot.

That last paragraph is the only substantial thing I can write here. So until the next time, take care!

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