Fishing at Dusk

Two fishermen in a boat, fishing at dusk. The calm waters and the scenery might look like a lake but it really is the sea.

About the Photo

I took this photo shortly after the Sunset on the Sea photo. The sun had already set and I was leaving the beach to return home. The road runs parallel to the sea until a sharp bend, so one has a clear view of the water until the bend. I was driving slowly and I was wondering if I should take a photo of the fishermen. Shortly before the bend, when I was at the closest possible to the boat, I stopped to make the snap. The glass-like sea and the preponderance of horizontal lines create a serene scene. In the end, I decided to convert the photo to black and white. The reasons for that was the flat colour palette and the fact that the subject is human-centric. Such photos are traditionally taken or presented in black and white. Now, allow me to move away from the people fishing at dusk and write about the glass-like sea.

Glass-Like Sea

The scenery appears like a lake. It is something that can be observed in the aforementioned image and other images from the area. It is actually a large gulf with a narrow entrance. This makes the water have different conditions than the open sea outside. Although the size of the gulf can make it have really awful weather, there are also times where the sea hardly has any wrinkle. An absolute calm sea and silence from the lack of human activities (except for some sheep pens). This makes a really serene place, where someone can relax and clear his mind from the worries of the world. When photo opportunities occur, it is a nice additional feature.

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