You are a Cute Little Smile (Writing on the Sand)

You are a Cute Little Smile
You are a Cute Little Smile

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You are a Cute Little Smile by Mike Jackobo

The writing on the sand reads “ΕΙΣΑΙ ΧΑΜΟΓΕΛΑΚΙ”, which roughly translates to ” You are a Cute Little Smile”. To the West of Mesolonghi, is a beach called Louros*. It is a pretty large beach and very well organized in regards to facilities for the swimmers. The waters must also be very clean because it is located in the Ionian Sea. I visited the beach in the middle of April, that’s why it is empty; in reality, there were some groups of friends and young couples enjoying the sunny spring weather.

I was up driving in one of Europe’s most dangerous roads, walking under the sun and shooting to my heart’s content since 4am in the morning. Naturally, by noon I was tired. I took a nap in the car and when I woke up I went by the sea and saw this writing on the sand. I took my gear and tried taking a series of images, to create a long exposure simulation. There was a problem with the stability of the tripod because the sea water made it sink little by little in the sand; eventually I found a stable spot and took the photos. After post processing the image sequence, I came up with this composition for the photo.

* not to be confused with the river Louros in Epirus.

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