Sunrise at the Lagoon of Mesolonghi

Sunrise at the Lagoon
Sunrise at the Lagoon

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Sunrise at the Lagoon by Mike Jackobo

A fisherman is returning to harbour during the sunrise at the lagoon of Mesolonghi. We arrived at Mesolonghi, a friend and I, just before sunrise and we stopped on the road to Tourlida. We immediately began exploring the area but for me it was more of an exercise than artistic creation.

I had just taken a couple of photos of the stick in the water that is visible to the right and I put down the camera to have a smoke. It was then that I heard the sound of the boat returning to harbour. Planning the shot, I decided that it would be ideal to put the boat in the middle between the sun and the stick. So, I waited and pressed the shutter at the appropriate time.

Being one of the first photos of the day, it was a good omen for how the rest of the day would be like. And it didn’t disappoint as I managed to make quite a few photos I really liked!

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